Martial Arts

What is training like at Martial Spirit?

Begin a journey that has proven to improve all areas of your life. Martial arts provide a scaffold to improve your life. Whether you are interested in practicing for fitness and wellbeing, self defence or competition, our dedicated martial arts programs will bring you the very best instruction in a positive and welcoming environment.

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Mindfulness & Throwing MArtial Art

Striking Martial Arts

Striking with hands, feet, knees, elbows

Muay Thai

Striking with hands


Grappling Martial Arts

Wreslting & grappling

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Throwing & grappling



All classes are beginner friendly

From $45/week





A very dedicated and supportive dojo with many traditional elements. Sensei’s ability to teach and instruct all students no matter the level is truly unique. His insight is invaluable as is his dedication to his students. The dojo has such a strong sense of community, the participants are family.

– Shane (google map review)


The boxing program at Martial Spirit is first rate. Ollie the head boxing coach is fantastic to work with. His classes are a good mix of skills based training and fitness.

– Raymond (google map review)

Muay Thai

Excellent facilities and knowledgeable instructors. A great environment for learning a wide range of martial arts in an atmosphere that is 100% free of toxic meathead mentality

– Alex (google map review)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Great gym, I’ve been attending for 18 months, I started with boxing, added BJJ and recently started squeezing in a Muay Thai class where possible. All the coaches are great, the classes are very technical (but for all levels), there is the opportunity to compete but there is no need to if you just want to expand your skills set and get fit while having fun. All classes provide mental as well as physical stimulation.

– Luke (google map review)


A fantastic and exciting part of my week, every week. Do yourself a favour and try a class of your choice over here at Martial Spirit, you won’t be disappointed!

– Ben (google map review)