What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu like at Martial Spirit?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a popular grappling martial art which was developed from the ground work of Judo.

By focussing his training on ground work, the founder of the art, Helio Gracie, was able to refine a system that enabled the smaller person to overcome the larger.

The principle of the art is to takedown an opponent and use leverage and technique to submit the adversary.

The practice is physically demanding and technical. Skilled practitioners work in a chess like manner to out skill their opponent with a submission finish.

BJJ’s popularity has exploded in recent years and it has become a popular world wide sport. Some students choose to compete, while many others practice it as a martial art to develop self defence skills and fitness.

Is BJJ right for me?

It doesn’t matter, who you are, wrestling can be your game!


All classes are beginner friendly





Great gym, I’ve been attending for 18 months, I started with boxing, added BJJ and recently started squeezing in a Muay Thai class where possible. All the coaches are great, the classes are very technical (but for all levels), there is the opportunity to compete but there is no need to if you just want to expand your skills set and get fit while having fun. All classes provide mental as well as physical stimulation.

– Luke (google map review)

Excellent facilities and knowledgeable instructors. A great environment for learning a wide range of martial arts in an atmosphere that is 100% free of toxic meathead mentality

– Alex (google map review)