Melbourne Aikido

Moving Meditation

What is Shinzenryu Aikdio?

The Shinzenryu Aikido dojo is dedicated to achieving spiritual growth through the discipline of Aikido – the art of harmony.

Instead of a martial art based on fighting or self defence, the goal of this practice is Self mastery. Aikido practice is the yoga of Martial arts, it is about integration, flow and harmony in body and mind.

Why Shinzenryu Aikido?

Sessions are moving meditations in dynamic stillness.

Our practices develop an awareness of the physical and energetic center referred to as “hara” in Japanese. Such a shift gives rise to a natural order in ones’ system that brings forth a harmonic and joyful state of being “aiki”. It is this joyful flow state in Martial arts action that we refer to as Aikido.

The peace we develop through our practice is the remedy for the stresses and anxiety of modern living and provides us a powerful method to realise our potential as human beings.

Class Structure

First Half

We begin with a formal bow, meditation and breathing practices to centre and clear ourselves. We move onto our ‘Aiki taiso’, a series of warm up movements to activate our centre (hara). We then begin basic movments (kihon) and falling practice (ukemi) to comlete our preperation.


Second Half

This is our technical training of Aikido techniques. Beginning with basic techniques (kihon waza) we progress to various free flowing Aikido (randori).


All classes are beginner friendly



A very dedicated and supportive dojo with many traditional elements. Sensei’s ability to teach and instruct all students no matter the level is truly unique. His insight is invaluable as is his dedication to his students. The dojo has such a strong sense of community, the participants are family.

– Shane (google map review)

This dojo is like a second family to me. You will find yourself under an instructor that is in touch with the core meaning of aiki. (In other words, this isn’t a place to learn violence or prove we have the “best” martial art.) My fellow junior and senior students are all super lovely, and kind. We are all here to support each other thrive.

– Lou (google map review)

Martial Spirit is a wonderful community that enables and assists the well being of each individual its members. The Team is supportive, nurturing and friendly. I have been doing Aikido here for over four years and I am honoured to be part of the Martial Spirit community. Peter Sensei is passionate, highly skilled, thoughtful and is supportive on the journey of restoring the balance of the psyche and the physical well-being through the Aikido Martial Art.

– Tan (google map review)

Been training five years with Martial Spirit through the Aikido program and still going. With a rich atmosphere generated by a down-to-earth community, profound learnings to take to heart, and with its teachers who deliver a strong personalized experience, you cannot possibly go wrong. Take a shot with a a trial class to see for yourself.

– S