Martial Spirit Virtual Classes

Hi there! 

If you’re new to Zoom, here’s some useful information on getting you started and getting you connected to our Virtual Studio!

We’re excited to have our classes run for the first time on a virtual platform. We advice for you to jump on Zoom beforehand and to get yourself set up.

Zoom can be accessed on most devices (desktop, laptop, phone, iPad) – You can download the app or follow this link to register for an account. We advice using a larger screen, so a laptop or desktop. There is no cost in registering for an account. Register here:


You will be receiving a “Meeting Link” from us/admin in your inboxes for future classes. All you have to do is click the links at the end of this message to join in the classes. Please be “in the class” at least 5-10 minutes prior. If you are using the Zoom app on your device, the “Meeting ID” is the numbers you will see at the end of the link. For eg. 

Zoom link example: 

Meeting ID would be: 512757633 


Once you’re in the session, you will first be directed to a “waiting room” and once the “host”, in this case our instructors,, start the meeting, we will bring everyone into the class and the session can begin


Please be in the appropriate training attire you would a normal class. As this is an interactive video and voice platform, please be ready and aware of this. So for instance, all our Juniors should be in their dogi ready to go 🙂 


Please set yourself up at home in a space that is fitting and safe for training 🙂 No accidents please! We will be tailoring classes to suit a small space. If you have some jigsaw mats that would be perfect. If not, a yoga mat or non slip rug would do fine too. 


During the teaching section, you may be “muted” so as to not distract the rest of the class when the instructor is teaching. There will be of course periods in the class where there is time for questions and corrections from the instructors. There are also other methods to signal for our coaches’ attention – eg. “raising your hand”. All this will be explained to you before hand, so don’t worry 🙂 . 



  1. Please be on time to our classes. Warm up is an essential part of the class so for safe practice, we will not be allowing students to “join” a class if they are late. 
  2. Martial Spirit instructors will provide you the tools and instructions required to carry out safe training at home. Please follow our instructions to avoid any injuries or accidents.
  3. Training space: Please ensure you have a non-slip floor space and remove any potential obstructions. 
  4. Parents/guardians please stay close to your children during the session should they require assistance and/or reassurance. 


Participants of our online classes are participating at their own risk, please ensure you follow safe training practices as provided by our instructors  and are responsible and considerate during our sessions. 


For our full Safety Precautions and Liability Disclaimer:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or contact us via social media. 


See you in our Virtual Studio!